How would I release X-Wing 2.0?

I’m not going to focus on the ins and outs of which cards to fix and which stats and point costs to change in this article. Instead I am going to focus on how to logistically release a second edition and where I feel the general direction is going in terms of a potential second…

Why errr… insert choice, won’t win Worlds 2017

I got a request from fellow Zombie Mr Gibbon not to soothesayer about the next Worlds but I feel it would go against the spirit of the article, ‘Why Dengaroo won’t win worlds 2016,’ by not doing so. Saying all that, I’ve found it hard to pick a list this time.

Am I an Imperial X-Wing Hipster?

After enjoying reading fellow Zombie Squadron wing man Big Phil write his own blog on being an X-Wing hipster with A wings and Firesprays, it later sent a shiver down my spine.  Am I an Imperial X-Wing Hipster?