An almost perfect end to the year

Guest writer and new (ish) Zombie Ian gives a Tournament report from Darksphere.  Ian, (not me or another fictitious Gguest writer like Sir Alister Grantham-Smyth MP), took quad CLT Jedi to the event. See how he got on.

Whilst our web minion is temporarily unavailable, it turns out I can’t add writers to the page. I believe that’s mainly due to Word Press saying ‘no,’ not me lacking the know-how or will to do it. That’s why its pasted under my account and I’m not paid the big bucks. Actually no one is here.


Anyhow, the event at Darksphere was well run by some chaps from the ‘One ate Sith Squadron,’ Paul and Andrew, with a decent forty-four player showing for five rounds of X-wing. I made it too, and although it’s a bit of a trek for us Zombies, it turned out to be quite a pleasant day out. Especially when you pack the car with Zombies and split parking and petrol. Other varieties of X-wing Squadrons are also available.

Thanks to Paul, Andrew and the chaps at Darksphere for putting it on. They are hoping to make it a monthly thing, which is good news in the area due to number of stores going down. Without further rambling, here’s newish member Ian’s write up of the event.

glactic republic4

It’s been an up and down year for me in terms of my X-Wing play, starting with a solid 3-3 at the UK System Open and then not really being able to get to many tournaments after that other than the odd store tournament where I didn’t do great. A couple of weeks ago I participated in our own event, ‘The Chertsey Road Memorial Tournament,’ where I went 3-2 and came 6th flying Oli Pocknells imperial ace list.

This past weekend I went to Dark Sphere for an extended tournament which was a bit of a last-minute decision for me so only gave myself a week or so to sort out what to fly. Now in this situation, I would normally just take the list I’ve flown the most and go from there but I had recently bought Aethersprites and felt this was as good a time as any to test out a quad CLT Jedi list. One eye on the UK System Open as that will be Hyperspace.

Quad CLT Jedi

Obi Wan: CLT
Mace Windu: Sense’ R4 Astro mech, CLT
Luminara: R4 Astro mech, CLT
Saesee Tin: CLT

200 points

Given the short time frame I had given myself, I only managed to fit in 4 test games with the list against fellow squadron member and Chief Zombie Ian, splitting the games 2-2 so I felt that 2 wins would be an achievement for me at the event.

glactic republicploo

No Ploo though.

Game 1 VS Robin: Imperial aces (Vader, Whisper, Sabacc)

So, onto the tournament and game one. I was playing a version of Oli’s worlds list with Pure Sabacc in the place of Grand Inquisitor. Robin was very aggressive in his opening attempting to get a flank with Whisper and sabacc which I managed to block off and get half points on sabacc early. This made Sabacc bug out and allowed me to focus on Whisper and after a 2 forward decloak I managed to create a kill box that Whisper landed in the middle of and lined up all 4 CLT’s which was the end of Whisper.

I was feeling pretty good and set my sights on Vader and attempted a block with Luminara which missed by about half millimetre and Vader killed Lumi then took half of Mace in the following round. Knowing it was close going into the final stages I knew I needed to either kill Sabacc or half Vader and I should win. Given the positioning, I felt Vader was the easier target so sensed with mace and managed to get the block off with Saesee and get half on Vader as time was called.

132-73 Win

glactic republic3

Game 2 VS James: Imperial (4 inquisitors)

After a narrow win in game one and going to time it was straight into round two and I was paired against fellow Zombie James who was flying four I3 inquisitors all with supernatural reflexes, FCS and 3 with concussion missiles.

Having played against James when he was flying a very similar list, I felt fairly confident going into this game and worked out my opening based on his deployment and managed to single out an inquisitor on the opening engagement, getting the early lead I needed. I pressed home this advantage and killed another inquisitor while only losing half on Mace.

Then, halfway through the game the remaining two inquisitors began to prove why they can be so annoying and only took one damage from 3 or 4 CLT shots. After a small mistake from James one of the inquisitors was left tokenless and finally, the 3rd one died and the 4th shortly followed.

200-73 Win

glactic republic1

Game 3 Joaquin: Rebels (4 B-Wings)

2-0 going into game three and I was feeling pretty good and was flying quite well and then along came my game three opponent Joaquin and his 4 selfless B-Wings all with a shield upgrade.

I knew I had to approach this game slightly differently because this list had the health and damage output potential to take out a Jedi a turn, so I set up in the corner and managed to bring him through the rocks and break the B-Wings formation up. I then managed to quickly focus one down and get behind the remaining three, which made hunting them down a lot easier. I managed to get the next one off the board before they could shoot which left two B-wings versus all four Jedi with only a shield down.

To say it was going better than expected would have been an understatement. A few turns after the second B-Wing went down, the third followed and when time was called the final B-Wing was on 1 hull and I had only lost half on Mace.

175-23 Win

glactic republic6

No Anakin either

Game 4 VS Nic: Imperial Aces (Vader, Whisper Vynder)

So, for the first time at an X-Wing tournament I was 3-0 and up next was another version of the imperial aces flown by Nic of Firestorm Squadron and the Firecast. During set we spoke about his choice of Vynder over Grand Inquisitor and simply put it was down to Nic not getting on with the inquisitor and liked the mechanic of small base slamming, like Miranda in 1.0.

Like in round one, my first priority was threat away the third ship and then focus on Whisper as she is the harder ship to deal with in the end game. In the opening engagement, I managed to trade Vynder’s shields for a couple of shields on the Jedi. Mace though was ioned, which wasn’t ideal as Nic had managed to work Whisper in behind me and Mace was going to bump. I managed to get all other guns pointing at her and whisper ended the round with two hull remaining and she died the following turn.

The trade-off was that no Jedi had shields left and Luminara was limping on her last hull point. Once Whisper was dealt with, my attention turned to Vader and after a few turns of blocking it was down to Vynder vs 3 Jedi and once again sense blocks were key.

200-102 win

game face

Game 5 Simran: Galactic Republic (Obi Wan, Mace, 2 X V19 Torrents)

I was the only unbeaten player going into round five and I was guaranteed my best finish at a tournament but could I really go 5-0? Facing Simran and knowing what he had done this year I wasn’t optimistic but approached the game the same way I had all day.

In the opening engagement, I managed to remove a Torrent but I lost Saesee in the process who was a big reason I had done as well as I had done up to this point and knew it would be an uphill battle. In the next round I put 4 hits into Simran’s Mace and halved the other torrent but once again lost a ship in the process with Luminara going down as well as losing half on Obi.

Obi Wan went down hard the following round and a few rounds later Mace finally succumbed to the numbers.

75-200 Loss

glactic republic5

So, I finished 4-1 and came 4th overall which I was absolutely thrilled with and could have never dreamed of at the start of the day, especially with a list as taxing to fly. Due to the nature of all the mechanics such as the interaction between sense and Saesee’s ability meant I had to be on the ball at all times throughout every match. However I believe that with more reps that this will begin to become less of a problem.

Overall, I enjoyed the list, it’s got a lot going for it especially if you’re willing to get aggressive with them early, although I found that it can be difficult to work back into a game that you get behind in early. The CLT Jedi are susceptible to dying in one round of fire if you can’t get your opponent’s ship count down or alpha striked.

I think I will continue to fly the list and hopefully build on this result.


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