X-Wing Painting Guide: Chip effects

In a change to the normal highly researched and topical discussions of Natties and Which Podcast has the Best Theme Tune, (186th Squadron by the way), I do a hobby article on Chip effects and battle damage.

Chip Effects

I used to do a fair bit of painting with my 40K stuff and although initially, I didn’t paint X-wing stuff I couldn’t help but start. Painting and prepainted models were not the strangers in the night that I thought they were.

As a paint scheme I was lazy and for rebels I transferred my Pre Heresy Death guard paint scheme to Green Squadron. I used to do chip and battle damaged effect on my marines so transferred this too. I like adding a bit of battle or flight damage to give them a bit of character.

There are a number of ways to do paint chipping effects, including just getting an HB pencil and picking out some edges. My way I use some paint then add some weathering effect paint stuff.

For this run through I am using my newly painted Attack Shuttle. The Sabine base card is purely there for decorative purposes, other Attack shuttles are available but Sabine is my kind of girl.

Stage 1

Shuttle 1
The areas I want to have chip effect I paint out with some dark brown paint, in this case, I used GW Dryad Bark. I look to pick out some edges where paint could chip off, make scratch marks or add where a laser blast/projectile has hit the ship. Trying to make it look like where the paint has been burnt or scraped back to the undercoat or worn away.

Stage 2

Shuttle 2
Using a mid-silver like GW Iron Breaker I then paint inside the brown areas to reveal the ‘metal.’

Stage 3

shuttle 3
I then pick out some smaller edges and highlight with Mithril Silver, (shiny silver).
Job done on chips.

Weathering and cheap tricks: it’s not witchcraft

FullSizeRender - Copy
I’ve picked up a variety of art markers which are dual tipped that help when wanting to pick out a bit of detail or draw in some shading on the ships. They are nice n’ easy to use, just make sure to use the thin edge.
With weathering dust and paint pads like the Tamiya stuff above, I’ve found that although it will stick to X wing Miniatures straight out the box, it does not seem to adhere over time. It works best on a decent painted surface.
Whilst the Tamiya weatherine master comes with a double ended appliance, (essentially a small makeup brush), I bought a small set of cheap makeup brushes for under a fiver. To purchase some makeup brushes for a strapping man like me did feel like something stupid but its easier to apply with the longer handle and will last longer.

Brown Dust

shuttle 5

shuttle 6
I dry brush the brown where parts could get dirty like edges or inside moving parts.

Black Dust

shuttle 7

shuttle 8
I then go a bit more heavy with the black over the top of the Brown and around engine and exhaust ports.
It can dull the chipped silver parts and I sometimes go back a bit later to brighten them back up again, but that’s it, job done, Sabine can fly me to the moon in her slightly battered ship. I’ve got my HWK up for a repaint but currently figuring out what to do with it.

Maybe next time.

Me and my shadow: Sabine joins Green Squadron


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