Zombie Love: SCUM

SCUM flown by Simon, who still hasn’t read the rules……

image-43310445-mandalorian-hd-wallpaperI’d struggled on the lead up to the UKTC with my list selection.  So, with dice mods being hard to come by I’d tried to preload with as much latent mods as scum had to offer….

I started with the Bobba build I’d ‘borrowed’ from the Birmingham Barons podcast but finding some support ships had proved interesting.  In the end I settled for the in-fashion Palob HWK and the not so popular Torani in the Kimogila which I intended to fly like a scum defender and do as much lane control as possible with plenty of K turns and Bullseye arc shenanigans.

The list:

Bobba Fett/ Firespray: Marauder title, Perceptive co-pilot, Han solo gunner

Palob/ Hwk 290: Mouldy Crow title

Torani/ Kimogila: R3 Astro mech

The morning of the tournament I was picked up by the charming Stephen Foreman and having popped a handful of codeine tablets for a slipped disc in my back, marvelled that the 1.5 hour journey to Milton Keynes appeared to take 10 minutes….. meeting up with the other two cars of Zombies (and one 186th) at Toddington services for a full fry up enroute.

GAME 1- Eagle squadron Blue (John Brindley)

Happily on this one I got imperials which was one of my preferred match ups:

Redline: Traj Sim, Proton bombs, Proton torps, Skilled Bombadier

Tomax Bren: Crack shot, Proton Bombs

Whisper: Duke Vader

Academy Tie fighter


Either Bobba was going to get close enough to kill off Redline or I was going to die horribly. I slow rolled to allow Palob to charge up on foucs tokens and then then managed to weather to storm charging in to range 1.  Redline got whittled down and I managed to hold firing arcs on the others.  Some very unfavourable dice rolls meant that the imperials took far more damage earlier on than I would have expected.

Eagle Squadron are a great bunch of chaps and even though his dice were as cold as ice the game was played in good spirits.



GAME 2- Italian Dux Squadron (SpaceDucks)


Pre game handing out of snazzy Xizor cards and an invite the ITC in Florence set us up for a friendly but highly competitive match:

Guri: Adv Sensors

4-Lom G1a

Frosty Firespray

I opted to ignore a flanking Guri and take out 4-lom first as in theory he’d be the easiest to burn down and those stress tokens were likely to be a headache for my list…. In hindsight my target priority should have been the jousting firespray and although I managed to use Torani’s ability to kill off the G1a I ended up out of position.  A perfectly flown Guri then schooled me in the benefits of advanced sensor bendy barrel rolls and hammered my list.  I chipped away some half points but not engoung to clinch it.

I’ve not played international X-wing before but the awesome dudes from DUX were a pleasure and we negotiated our way round the translations on upgrade cards and damage decks with ease.



GAME 3- Harlequin Squadron from Preston

They had the initiative but elected to let us choose first matchup, I got lumbered with:

Quadjumper Tug Boat

Exploding escape shuttle

Bobba Fett, Fearless, Perceptive co-pilot, Marauder, Han gunner, Seismic charges

Palob Hwk, Elusive, L3-37, Mouldy Crow

I think we lost this one on matchups- I should have opted for the Imperial or rebel list but instead we mirror matched factions.  This scum list had all my tricks plus a few more and I was dubious about whether Torani was able to pick up the slack.


Spreading out would have been better, any forward planning would have been better

So feeling somewhat woozy I totally failed to plan out my engagement strategy or prioritise my target selection (yay).  In Hindsight I should have stepped on the gas and turned hard left to close down the Firespray early and try to max out my firepower onto a single ship but instead I slow rolled in my right-hand side corner which allowed the opponents list to get into optimal position.  I flew poorly allowing the Quad jumper to tractor Bobba onto a rock and the game ended pretty swiftly as my opponent made the most of the opportunity and wiped me out.


Post game I necked a can of Monster and some more Codeine and prayed for redemption.


Game 4 Weekend Warlords 2.0

Caffeine fuelled Pre-game conversation went like this:

Ian- what do you fancy

Me- anything but scum.

Warlords- we’ll opt to go scum on scum

Me- doh!

And so it was that I had another Scum on Scum matchup:

Fenn Rau; Fearless

Old Teroch; Fearless

Kad Solus; Fearless

We joked before the match that we’d might as well just joust and get it over with but what transpired was a cat and mouse cagey opening with each of us jockeying for position before the opening engagement.  I had more hull to play with but if I got out of position he would be able to keep the nimble Mandalorians out of my firing arcs and whittle me down pretty quick.


So much for the honourable joust….

I slow rolled as much as possible and hung back until the fangs committed.  It was always going to be a bit touch and go but I got the arcs I wanted with Bobba and the dice went hot for me and cold for the Fangs early leaving just Fenn to tackle my whole squad.  Eventually I manged to whittle the nifty Mandalorian down and that was game.


Bobba nukes a Fang at range one in the rocks leaving two to go


Time between rounds was spent lying flat in a corner of the hall waiting for the pain to subside, at one point I opened my eyes to see Spiro the dragon chasing the blondie from Game of thrones.  Meds must have been stronger than I’d thought.

Final Game……

Game 5 Zombie Spectre

Far from being annoyed we were playing with ourselves (erm) I think both teams were looking forward to a relaxed game…… full of trash talking, Monster energy drinks and attempted cheating.


Sensible mode engaged

I got paired up against Matt Flying:

RAC: Vader, trick shot, Hull upgrade, minister Tue

Rexlar Brath: Lone wolf

Before we’d even set up one of the other Zombies had got a ref to come over and check (tongue in cheek) that Matt wasn’t cheating…. I sat grinning like an innocent Cheshire cat.


Energy drinks lead to excessive shouting of “Natties” usually with accompanying hand gestures

At the point of set up I think ‘joust or no balls’ was mentioned several times.  Matt however didn’t fall for this subtle ruse and kited down the opposite board edge.  I held close formation and turned in.  Ultimately it was a horror match up for Matt, I could strip tokens and pump more damage to the Deci than he could return.  Bobba went ‘ultra natties’ on his green dice. The imperials got whittled down and that was game.


So 3-2 for the day.  Could have done better, must practice more…. although I will say that Torani’s ability partnered with Palob far more than I’d given it credit for during the day.  Very enjoyable tournament.  Looking forward to a crazy 7 faction version next year!

I should point out that whilst this was happening Tom Forstner our resident uber Zombie was in the states on his way to winning the Coruscant invitational- needless to say we spent most of our down time cheering him on. 


REBELS- Ian Courtney

IMPERIALS- Brendon Dart


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