Zombie Love: REBELS

Ian flying Rebels…. filthy filthy rebels:


The List:

Luke Skywalker: super natties, proton torps
Thane Kyrell or Kane Tyrell: proton Torps
Warden K wing: prox mines, proton bombs, barrage rockets, Sabine wren crew.


I regret in hindsight not taking one of my five ship rebel builds.

Round 1 interlude: news of Tom being through to cut at corescant arrives.

Round one eagle blue: I forget names except for Sam who I’m sure was really called John, but it was Sam, so he kept saying.

A win for me, which also turned out to be the only win on a personal front. Only time Thane’s ability triggered. Thanks to my good natured opponent for suggesting to use it.

I believe we paired correctly.

Round 2 space Ducks team Italy.

I felt we paired okay. I blew my match against Alessandro with the last move when I should have gambled on cutting and running with Thane rather than a range three exchange with a one hull wedge. Alersandro’s squad of three blue squadron B wings with Hull upgrades and wedge with predator and Hull upgrades was one of the more interesting rebel builds and played well.

Round three interlude: Lunch at Nandos for the civilised and Captain Salty. Tom through to top 16.

Round 3 Harlequins Squadron

Tight game with Lewis Witham running trip rebels alpha strike. I caught Northern again from him a kept smiling and saying hello to strangers on the street for the following week. Possibly we should have paired different and yet again not cutting and running with Thane cost me in a delicately balanced game.

Round 4 interlude: Tom into top 8 and I decided to not buy a coffee.

Round 4 weekend Warlords 2.0

Another tight game with Kevin Bellamy after last year’s face off. This time we were both playing rebels rather than imps. I tossed the warden away through error then as a distraction. Game ended with a cat and mouse game with his near full strength blue squadron X wing and half health Luke. Went to final salvo which as per usual I lost but we had already won the round.

Round 5 interlude: The Monsters get broken out.


Before the start of round 5 I made a beeline to the head TO Ian Wardle and told him totally straight faced that there had been complaints about our next opponents in terms of gamesmanship and cheating. Also one of them was playing with an over sized gaming Matt. His mouth dropped, turned round to scan the hall and asked who we were playing.

“Those guys over there in the red shirts.”

The penny dropped, giggles all round.

Round 5 Zombie Spectre.

We got the paring right but it meant that I was facing off against Mike Manners playing the Dr Drea Swarm, currently undefeated with it and unlikely for any change in that.

As I prepared to take one for the team I explained to the guy diagonally opposite me why we called his next opponent Traitor Phil. Similar vein to the TO chat, so when Phil joined in to say he “used to be one of them,” his face betrayed that he was thinking that some kind of fisticuffs or hand bags of dawn would kick off between Phil and I. We had had a very un English pre tournament hug at the start of the day.

The game started well, went bad in the middle then I gave myself a ridiculously small mathematical chance to win at the death. It was a small, slender straw which banked on some bad moves from Mike and a bizarre chain of dice rolls.

It didn’t happen, neither the bad moves nor the dice but we won the round.

We Finished 17th banishing the upstart Spectres to 26th.

Other Zombie teams finished 32nd (Zombie Thunderball) and 44th (Zombie Goldfinger).
On the Journey home we learn that Tom has made top 4

Back home I gain wife points for being back just after 10pm but promptly lose them as I turn on the iPad and tune into FFG twitch to watch Tom in the Corescant final.

Tune into Episode 2 of the Zombie Squadron podcast for some list and meta analysis of the U.K. Team champs and other events. Also sometimes known as episode 57 of The 186th Squadron Podcast.

Mynock Squadron also interview Ian Wardle and Lee Williams about the event, which as always was well run.


As a side note I would have now shot the manager of the hotel for never having the huge bar outside the gaming hall staffed at any of the year’s events if I were CEO It’s a 2 day event with a captive audience. In fact I’d move higher and start shooting the general board of the hotel chain.


SCUM- Simon Hayes

IMPERIALS- Brendon Dart


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