Zombie Love: IMPERIAL

Imperials flown by Brendon going to his first UKTC… in his own words:


The List:

Whisper with Juke, Dart Vader (crew)

Redline with Proton Torpedoes, Trajectory Simulator, Proton bombs, Ablative plating

Deathrain with Barrage Rockets, Trajectory Simulator, Proton bombs, Seismic bombs, Ablative plating


Credit goes to David Sutcliffe who created this list in one of his countdowns to second edition release, very destructive and has quite a few tricks. I have modified a little based on experience and preference, Redline tends to suffer a lot of self-inflicted bomb damage without ablative plating which I squeezed in by removing the stealth device from Whisper. And finally I went for the more offensive Juke instead of Lone Wolf, it is amazing on Phantoms and combined with Vader is a must include. Surprisingly the two point bid is really good, as there are lots of lists at 200 points.

General thoughts on match ups:

I found it really hard to predict what this list was good against and this probably hindered the team a little bit. Having finished the tournament I would say that it stands a pretty good chance against almost any list but can struggle against aces with higher Initiative or bid.

Mini bat rep:


Game 1 Blue Squadron

Sam flying Scum Han with Lando in the nose with L3-37 and Boba with 0-0-0. Dengar crew was squeezed in somewhere and kept on surprising me with sneaky damage. I wish I could remember the complete build because it had a lot of sneaky interactions and synergy.

This was a very close match with Sam flying very well and showing what a two ship list can do. I unfortunately was intent on putting Whisper in stupid places and forgetting triggers/phases in the first few rounds, apparently the system phase is important for decloaking. Boba ate some punisher bombs and torpedoes and then died to the focus fire, Whisper was probably on a rock or having a skinny latte facing the wrong way. Then Sam put the hurt on with some excellent flying of Lando and I lost Redline and half on Deathrain. I secured the win with half points on both Lando and the escape craft. A lucky win that I did not deserve.

Win  150 – 125 (ish)

After the match, I had a word with myself and started flying a little better – talking is good you know (even if it’s to yourself).


Game 2 Vs Space Ducks (Italian DUX)

Matched up against Imperials: Deathrain bombs and barrage rockets, Jonus and 2 gamma squadron all with barrage rockets and proton bombs

I was a little nervous about this match up with all the barrage rockets and the re-rolls but it turns out bombers and lists that have to stay within range 1 (Jonus’ ability) really don’t like crits. I setup with Redline and Deathrain in a joust with the bombers, Whisper slightly off to the side. Slow roll in from the punishers before double proton bombs launched, unfortunately only redline in range as he had boosted and locked. Proton torp and re-roll failed, I think only doing two damage. The next round was the decider, get ready for Deathrain shenanigans. In the system phase the bombers all use skilled bombardier to release proton bombs. My Deathrain launches another bomb and uses his free action to boost into a block, this blocks two bombers on to their own bombs. Deathrain the does a 4k and loses some shields the bombs. This mayhem was accepted with incredible sportsmanship, sorry it was brutal.


Win 200 – 63 (ish)


The smiling assassin….


Game 3 Vs Harlequin Squadron

Matched against Imperials again: 3 Cutlass squadron with traj simm, protons and barrage rockets and Jonus with Barrage rockets

This was a classic case of a good win, making you overconfident – not that I liked that match up but my brain was not in the right place. I was unsure how to approach the list as this list wants to do the same thing as me but does it better. I ended up exposing Redline to the entire squads firepower, after taking another boost and target lock for a greedy proton torpedo. It did not end well, I think the exchange was more or less Redline dead for 2 damage – not a good start. It was an uphill battle from this point, actually I thought I had no chance and the game was lost. In the last turn when we counted up our scores I realised that I was somehow up with a wounded Whisper and Deathrain having done a lot of work. Sadly I decided to spend my Vader force on forcing a damage through and did not have it to avoid Whisper dying and sealing the loss. A strong reminder to always fight on, but this was very nicely flown and difficult to approach list.

Game 4 Loss 140 – 170 (ish)


Game 4 Vs Warlords 2.0

Imperials again flying: Whisper with Juke, Advanced Sensors and Vader, Rexler with Juke and Night beast

I really liked this list, a fatter Whisper than mine and a mean defender but finished off with a weaker ship.

We setup on opposite corners of the board and both headed down our respective sides refusing to engage through the rocks. Both of us eventually turning in and back when we were almost in each other’s corner. The manoeuvrability of the Punisher with its boost really helped here. One of the Punishers launched a bomb towards Whisper which forced her to disengage. All three of my ships then turned into the rocks ready for the next round of engagement. Deathrain and Redline then launched a Seismic and a Proton into the engagement area. Deathrain moved forward fast to try to block then entrance to the rocks for Rexler and Night beast, while Redline hung back with focus and target lock preparing his Torpedo for Rexler. Night beast ended up on the asteroid that was about to explode and Rexler attempted a 3-speed manoeuvre which meant a bump against Deathrain, the dream block and no tokens for Rexler. This turn sealed the game, a seismic and a proton double damage for Rexler and Night beast in return for both Ablative plating charges. Whisper used Vader to add a further damage as Rexler had no tokens. Proton torpedo and Whispers shot did for Rexler and Deathrain plinked the final damage from Night beast. My opponents Whisper had difficulty doing much damage as she was always barrel rolling to avoid bombs or arc, it took a while but Whisper was finally mopped off the table too.

Game 5 Win 200 – 75 (ish)


Game 5 Vs Zombie Spectre

Tim flying Rebels: Lando and Miranda

A zombie-off and much groaning from Tim when he saw the bomb chucking and missile-toting list he was to face – sorry. In the first two turns of engagement Miranda was removed from the board after dining on two bombs, two torpedoes and some barrage rockets. Yum, yum, ow. The Lando build was really strong and a complete pain to kill off, Redline disappeared for a while to re-load Proton torpedoes and left Deathrain and Whisper to handle the falcon. When Redline returned his bomb finished off Lando, only to find that Deathrain was missing.

Win 200 – 100 (ish)

Total results 4-1 personal

Team results 3-2 overall, 17th place finish.

So overall I had an amazing time, I loved the list and really enjoyed my games against all opponents. The team format is really fun and adds an extra layer fun on top of the standard game, more opportunity for team bonding and banter.


SCUM- Simon Hayes

REBELS- Ian Courtney

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