UKTC 2018 Zombie Love

The Zombie who loved me team at the UKTC 2018

2018 UK Team Championship rolled around and Zombie Squadron went all in with 4 teams.  The format is simple, 3 people per team each representing one of the factions.  5 rounds of team swiss.  The fun is working out what the pairings should be and then the team work involved in throwing one of you under the bus in order to come away with the win.  Full rules can be found here:  UKTC X-WING

This year our team name theme was James Bond movies, so going into the fray would be

Zombie Spectre

Zombie Thunderball

Zombie Goldfinger

The Zombies that loved me

and due to not paying attention to my phone at the pertinent time we’d been left with ‘The Zombie Love that loved me” or as it would become known “Zombie Love”

Rather than one monstrous tomb I’ve compiled the 3 team members accounts into a mini series.  You can read them in order or simply click on the faction of your choice:

SCUM- Simon Hayes

REBELS- Ian Courtney

IMPERIALS- Brendon Dart

Overall we went 3-2 on the day against the following teams and came 17th;

Eagle Squadron Blue (Win)

Space Ducks (Loss)

Harelquin Squadron (Loss)

Weekend Warlords 2.0 (Win)

Zombie Squadron Spectre (Win)

A great day out and a well run event.

3 thoughts on “UKTC 2018 Zombie Love

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