Positive ponderings of the zombie kind.

With the UKTC coming up this weekend, a post by a fellow Zombie, let’s call him Sir Jankalot ;), got me thinking more on the positive aspects of our community.

In his post Sir Jankalot asked if anyone needed to borrow any cards, tokens, etc. for the lists they would be taking to UKTC. Now you may ask “why this is such a big deal?” And you would be correct, it isn’t a big deal, and that is what makes it great.

That helpful camaraderie is such a natural compulsion to most of us we see it as the norm. This isn’t just an inter squadron happening, but a community wide phenomenon. I have seen many similar posts in the different facebook groups in the last year, offers of lending ships, pilot cards, tokens and more, and not just to friends but to new players and tournament debutantes.

I have been able to help in my own way on a couple of occasions at a local tournament when someone has forgotten a damage deck, or for casual play when someone hasn’t packed a range ruler, or someone needs to borrow an extra medium base. Now I love this game of pew pew, but those are some of the moments that make me feel a real part of things. That sense of helping a fellow player to be able to take part even if they may be my opponent in the next round.

I believe it’s the Weekend Warlords who have the motto “give good game, get good game” which is exactly what I want from this hobby. I may not be the most competitive player and definitely struggle with the tactical aspects of X-wing, but hopefully if I can bring anything to our community it’s being a good opponent to fly against or that I can help enable someone else to get the best out of their experience.

Sometimes I find it good to take a step back and take a look at the “little things” that we sometimes take for granted, because those are really the bedrock that supports the things we love.

Pew-pew and fly casual.

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