Woking War X-Wing Team Tournament


Ibuywargames.co.uk  in association with Zombie Squadron presents:

Woking War 2017 X-Wing team tournament Saturday 26th August


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Price for tickets: £24.00 per team, (that’s £8.00 per head)

Places available: 10 teams of three players each

5 games of Swiss pairing

Venue: the Maybury Centre Woking, bBoard school road, GU21 5HD, Woking, Surrey. Free car parking on site, 7 mins walk from Woking train station and 2 mins from Ibuywargames.co.uk

Free tea, coffee, squash and biscuits available throughout the day.

Prizes: two Q2 or Q3 kits plus further prizes to be announced.

Winning Team gets Seeded entry to UKTC 2017.

UKCT ticket must still be purchased either before or after Woking War although if you want to go to the UKTC we recommend purchasing as soon as the tickets become available.

Payment for Woking War to event organiser through Paypal as a gift please to:



  • 8.50am to 9.20am Registration
  • 9.30am to 10.55am Round 1
  • 11.05am to 12.30pm Round 2
  • 12.30pm to 1.15pm Lunch
  • 1.15pm to 2.40pm Round 3
  • 2.50pm to 4.15pm Round 4
  • 4.25pm to 5.50pm Round 5
  • 6pm award ceremony


Basic Tournament Rules

  • The X-Wing Woking War team tournament is run under the official Star Wars X-Wing game system as published by Fantasy Flight Games. Unless otherwise stated.
  • Woking War is a team event with each team comprised of three players.
  • The tournament will require each player to bring 1 squad list of up to 100 points. Across a team, no player may have the same faction. So a team will consist of an Imperial Navy player, a Rebel player and a Scum & Villainy player.

Also you may not have the same character represented in two or more squads such as Imperial Boba Fett Firespray pilot in the Imperial squad and Boba Fett crew in the Scum and Villainy squad.

There will be five rounds played, each 85 minutes which includes pairing time.

  • Our policy on model conversions is that models must be easily identifiable on the tabletop. i.e. your opponent should be able to easily recognise all the models in your squad.

Important: You will need to bring a printed out squad roster ideally through http://xwing-builder.co.uk to make match pairings quick and easy for your opponents.

Round Pairings

The Team Championship will employ an interesting and challenging method for determining the pairings of players within opposing teams for each round.

  • Teams will be paired off against each other randomly in the first round and use the “Swiss Chess” system from the 2nd round onwards
  • A team will never be matched against the same team twice. The captains from each team will work together to determine the individual pairings of the players within their teams using the following method:
  • Teams will exchange squad lists.
  • Teams determine initiative. The team with the lowest combined squad total decides who has initiative. If both teams are tied then toss a coin. The winner of the coin toss decides who has initiative. This initiative is used solely for the purpose of determining pairings and do not follow through to the individual games being played.
  • The team with the initiative will be Team A, the other will be Team B.
  • Team A captain nominates his/her first player and picks a player from Team B to be their opponent.
  • Team B captain then nominates his/her second player and picks a player from Team A to be their opponent. · The remaining players will make the last pairing. Round Timing
  • Each round will go for 85 minutes from the time the pairings are announced.
  • Round pairings & deployment should take a maximum of 10 minutes.

Tournament Scoring

  • The team that gains 2 or more victories from the 3 games in a round is declared the winner and receives 1 tournament point. The losing team receives 0 points.
  • Each player that wins their game in a round is awarded a “Player Tournament Point”
  • Each teams Margin of Victory will be calculated and will be used as the 1st tie-breaker
  • Each team’s strength of schedule will be calculated and will be used as the 2nd tie-breaker
  • The total “Player Tournament Points” a team has accumulated will be used as the 3rd tie-breaker

Wave 11

If wave 11 is released prior to the tournament it will be legal to use. We will use the latest updated FAQ for the event. Any queries, rules wise of in general please email the event organiser at iancourtney@hotmail.com




If you need help getting a team together please comment on the face book page linked below:

Woking War Face book page


186th Tournament page


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