Flying Zuckuss in anger

Man of Monkey takes wave 8’s least popular ship for a tournament spin….


I’ve been wanting to make the G1-A work since it was heralded as the lame duck of wave 8, I’ve always had a hunkering for the underdog and the stubby little starfighter has definitely fallen out of the limelight.

So for this experiment my personal choice is Zuckuss ; with the pilot ability to role an extra red dice at the expense of giving your opponent an extra green dice, it’s a useful ability.   Onto that I’ve decided to throw 4Lom crew as I can now choose to negate an opponents focus or evade token and just to give it a bit of extra kick I’ve added crack shot.  Potentially I should be able to totally shut down an imperial aces defence capability.   In play testing it proved effective but I regularly forget that I need to be quick in declaring both 4Lom and Crack shot.  I’ve found the G1-A to be an effective strafing ship but it can struggle in the tight turning melees and the lack of reposition without title can be frustrating.  It’s definitely not capable of being the Ace leading the rest of the list but I think It’s credentials as a fire platform support vessel has been grossly underestimated.

Anyways, enough of the theory and on to the fun stuff:


So with the sun out and after several much needed stops for caffeine, myself and an equally tired Captain JB and headed off to Firestorm Cards in Basingstoke for a 26 man 5 round/ cut to the top 8 dogfight.  And with £300 worth of store credits in prize support this promised to be a proper mercenary knife fight to the finish.

The list in question would be:

Jump master 500- Dengar, Punishing one title, Unhinged Astromech, K4 Security Droid, Veteran instincts.

G1-A Starfighter- Zuckuss, 4LOM crew, Crack shot.

Z95-Kaa’to Leeachos, Concussion missiles, deadeye, Guidance chips

The decision to upgrade the Z95 from a PS1 Pirate to Leeachos was a last minute one, purely to get deadeye into the mix against imperial aces allowing that missile to be used.   I was also deliberating about the effective fire output of Dengar and whether I’d be better running Predator and recon-spec, in the end I decided to stick with V.I purely to give me the jump on Vader/ Soontir and especially Whisper, who has always been a thorn in my side.

(As a side note, my plan to run Leeachos almost ended before it started as I’d forgot to pack the card base for it.  Luckily Jimmy from Firestorm cards is a very organised top bloke and rooted around in the spares cupboards for one I could borrow)

This is just a brief synopsis of events as I didn’t go heavy on the note taking.

Game 1 – Alex Birt (of 186th Squadron podcast fame.. listen to it here)

Flying Scum and Villainy

Jump master 500- Contracted Scout  with Plasma torpedoes, extra munitions, deadeye and Overclocked R4

Jump master 500- Contracted Scout  with Plasma torpedoes, extra munitions, deadeye and Overclocked R4

Jump master 500- Contracted Scout with Proton torpedo, Bobba Fett Crew, deadeye and Salvaged Astromech.


This list looks familiar…..

I had’t played against the much hyped 3 U-Boat list before and was hoping not to get it first game… this could be a rather harsh learning curve… and it was. I tried to stagger the asteroids down the left hand side of board thinking he’d want to come in from my left getting the most out of his asymmetric dial, but that was a mistake as all he needs is to focus and it’s rockets ahoy!   His set up was to my right and turn one he used his barrel rolls to stagger his formation.  I tried to use the rule of 11 and held Dengar back turn 1 before doing a 4 straight and barrel rolling into range 1 of two of the Contracted scouts and out of arc of the 3rd.  Zuckuss and Leeachos turned across the board towards the centre but I’d been too conservative and ended up at range 3 and not massively effective despite the missiles and Zuckuss firing 4 shots (but forgot to use his Crack shot).  Having failed to get my optimistic Alpha strike off and take down one of the scouts in the first two rounds of combat I couldn’t get in a good position again and Alex made sure he swapped his Scouts in and out of my firing arcs.  In the end Dengar managed to finally take one scout down before being shot to ribbons.

Result: Loss 32-100.

We chatted after the game and Alex suggested a few tips on trying to handle other Triple jumpmaster lists.  Asteroid placing was definitely a feature but in my mind so was getting the max shooting out of Zuckuss and Leeachos.  The opening moves with Dengar worked well but I wasn’t able to capitalise on it with the other two, I’d pushed them too far out of the initial engagement and had then been forced to split fire between the Jumpmasters for the remainder of the match.

Game 2- Michael flying rebels

Two z 95s bandit squadron with concussion missiles and guidance chips.

B-Wing Nera dental with proton torps, fire control, adaptability and chimps.

E-Wing Etahn A’baht with R2D2.


Ummm maybe they should….

This game was slightly odd as most of the damage was initially done by the asteroids, I sat back and watched in fascinated horror as the rebel Z95’s effectively played pinball hitting/ landing on every asteroid available. I flew down the left of the table and killed off Ethan A’Baht early before turning in and shooting as much as I could into Nera’s B-Wing, although she eventually fireballer it was not before she smashed the shields off Zuckuss.  With the B-wing down I ended up eventually loosing Zuckuss by not getting him out of arc from those Z95’s missiles but Dengar and Leeachos mopped up and that was game.

Michael admitted that he hadn’t run the ships before and was just getting the hang of the list.  I forgot to use Zuckuss’s Crack shot before he got destroyed which was becoming a theme.

Result: Win 100-30


No sign of the Mickey mouse crew upgrade… yet

Game 3-Calum Brown Flying Rebels (Lothal ones)

Vague recollection of this one but roughly:

VCX-100 Lothan Rebel, Autoblaster turret, Fire control systems, Hera Syndula

YT2400 Dash Rendar, PTL, Heavy Laser cannons, Kanan Jarrus.

I set up opposite the VCX expecting it to plough straight ahead whilst Dash went wide, I pushed forwards getting some hits on the VCX which surprised me by turning towards the centre to guard Dash without firing a shot.  Having got myself into an optimal spot with Dengar starting to whittle away at the VCX from behind whilst Zuckuss and Leeachos concentrated on sniping at Dash, I got ahead of myself and made a move that nearly cost me the game- Pulling a white signors mid table with Dengar intending to take on Dash instead of focusing down the VCX.  This allowed me to be scissored between the two ships costing me Dengar. Lluckily Zuckuss smashed the VCX down and I managed to drop Dash down to 50% health just as time was called.  The game finished with Leeachos getting hosed off the board… and then we realised just how close a game it had been.

Result: Modified Win 71-70!

I’d had this game in the bag early and then made a mistake that Calum quickly capitalised on.  Had this game gone on another round I doubt I’d have been able to catch Dash again and would have lost.  Changing my plans halfway through was a big mistake. Calum’s decision to turn the big VCX out of arc turn 2 baffled me and I’m still not sure I understand why he did it.  The dice were all crazy this game, lots of blanks on both sides of the board.


For he is very aggressive with his ships

Game 4

I’m bad with names but to give an accurate description : Bearded dude with an awesome shirt and a great attitude, running:

Vader, Tie X1, Ptl, Advanced target lock.

2x Tie advanced Tempest squadrons, accuracy corrector, Tie X1.

Tie Punisher, concussion missiles, Guidance chips.

He set up centrally with the Tie advanced flying in a block formation.  I set up with Zuckuss and Leeachos on the left and Dengar in the middle.

Turn 1 the Tie’s manoeuvred fast across the board and after an initial slow roll to allow Dengar to spin and hard turn in behind Zuckuss and Leeachos, I turned towards the middle of the board and met the Imperials head on hoping to take down at least one Tie advanced in the initial clash.   Zuckuss opened up at range 1 using both 4Lom and the crack shot to burn down the 1st Tie advanced with an assist from Leeachos.  It then turned into the ultimate handbag fight of tit for tat: I took down a Tie advanced he killed off Leeachos.  Next was the Punisher, face wrecked by Zuckuss, in return Vader and the remaining Tempest squadron took down Zuckuss.  This left Dengar vs a Tempest and a fairly healthy Vader.  I was already heading up the board along the top edge but decided that the best defence was offence and K-Turned and powered back towards the two Imperial ships.  Dengars pilot ability and the K4 came into their own here and I was able to burn down the tempest in the head to head.  Vader over shot but surprisingly not on a K turn, I sniped and then we both swung round in a game of chicken.  Dengar was able to get the final hit through and that was that.  A very entertaining aggressively flown game.

Result Win 100-70


Had Vader K turned instead doing a 5 straight I would have been caught between the 2 tie advanced and would have taken on more damage then I could dish out.

The results were put up and very handily the MOV and points with it, this allowed everyone to see where they stood going into the final game before the cut.  I was sat in 9th and needed a win to get into the top 8.  And then the pairings came out……


You may have to walk home Darth

Game 5-Captain Jacksbutt running:

Whisper Tie Phantom: Veteran Instincts, Fire control systems, Rebel Captive and Advanced cloaking device.

Inquisitor Tie Advanced Prototype: Push the limit, auto thrusters and title.

Zeta Leader Tie FO: Wired, comms Relay, stealth device.


Ultimate grudge match!  Despite me having won both our pre tourney practice games, overall Captain JB has bested me both times we’d previously met in tournaments and I was keen to settle the score.  Some trash talking by the opposition before the start of the game resulted in my best reptile grin followed by the mention of a long walk home….. and the gauntlet being dropped on a win at all costs game.

Dengar set up in the middle of the board, Zuckuss and Leeachos set up on my right flank.  The asteroids were set up in a running diagonal from my bottom left to top right.  The imperials spread out set up at various tricksy angles as Captain JB looked to disguise his attack plan.

I started to slow roll Zuckuss and Leeachos down the right flank and swung Dengar around behind them.  Whisper hung back along the top board edge whilst the inquisitor and Zeta pushed down my right flank.  I was happy to play the waiting game and once the two Tie’s committed past the middle of the board I pushed Dengar down towards the top to try and shield Zuckuss and Leaches from Whisper whilst my two slower ships hit the K turn button and began to head back down the board looking to engage the ties in the open area to the right of the asteroid belt.  I was hoping Dengar would capitalise on an uncloaked Whisper which is exactly what happened, although somewhat quicker then I had expected.  Both Zeta and the inquisitor turned sharply across the centre although Zeta decided to park on a rock and from then on it all went south for the Imperials.  Whisper got smoked by Dengar, and Zuckuss was able to dish out the pain on the inquisitor.  As the ultimate insult to injury Leeachos decided that he fully intended to hang around for the after party and refused to die no matter how many crits got rolled against him and then he smoked Zeta with the missiles.  I was wondering how to handle the Inquisitor as it was a relative unknown quantity but in the end I remembered Zuckuss had Crack shot and his buddy 4Lom decided that the focus token was out of play and that was the end of the Tie prototype.

Result: Win 100-0.


Happy with my initial plan, I picked the area I wanted to engage in and gave the imperials the choice of flying through the asteroid field or joust me in open space.  I picked my match ups and although I knew it had to be Dengar vs Whisper I tried not to over commit.  The dice also came up hot when I needed it, never to be underestimated.

Final Standings, I had finished 5th overall.  And just as importantly Captain JB was still through to the cut in 8th place.


Top 8: Quarter finals– Alex Birt

Jump master 500- Contracted Scout  with Plasma torpedoes, extra munitions, deadeye and Overclocked R4

Jump master 500- Contracted Scout  with Plasma torpedoes, extra munitions, deadeye and Overclocked R4

Jump master 500- Contracted Scout with Proton torpedo, Bobba Fett Crew, deadeye and Salvaged Astromech.

A rematch from round 1… Alex joked before hand that he shouldn’t have told me how to beat his list.  He needn’t have worried.  In short The asteroids were set up as close to a block in the middle as I could manage.  I made a big mistake by changing my tactics with Dengar, and not setting up to hit one of the Jumpmasters hard turn 2.

Hoping to draw the 3 U-Boats down into the asteroid field and get at least 2 solid rounds of shooting from Zuckuss and Leeachos, I placed Dengar on the right flank and Leeachos with Zuckuss on the left.  Dengar then did a hard 1 left  turn and tried to barrel roll to get away from the U-boats which were spread across the top right of the board, no idea what I was thinking as it needs to be a hard 2 to get the room for a barrel roll.  Dengar then got shot in the butt as he failed to out distance the U-boats torps.  Zuckuss and Leeachos did sweep in and do some damage but I failed to capitalise on the position and was quickly outmanoeuvred.  Dengar ended up the last man standing and was facing 3 U-boats in good health thanks to some careful flying by Alex.  As before, Dengar burnt down a Jumpmaster before being smoked by the other 2.

Result: Loss 100-32.


The asteroid positioning helped to block out the actions and arcs of the U-boat trio but I would have been better powering Dengar in as before and flying the other two in directly behind him, forcing the jump master to split their fire and hopefully removing one of the U-boats off the board early.  Oh well live and learn.. eventually.

Final thoughts….

Good venue, good crowd and enjoyable games.

All in all happy with how it went.  Zuckuss performed well but I felt the lack of reposition or dice modification more than once.  Having dropped both the Mist hunter title and Fire control I did feel a bit of a glass cannon occasionally, having said that if you hit something hard it’s crippling.   Although Dengar is the best ship to have end game, it was consistently Zuckuss that did the heavy lifting early on.   4Lom and the Crack shot combo are deadly (when you remember to use them) and with 5 red dice at range 1 it can strip a tokened up imperial ace down to it’s undies in one turn.  I would like to give the cloaking device a run just to see if it gives that element of reposition even if it is only for the initial engagement  and is likely to break after one use.  It will sadly mean the end of Leeachos  and the return of the lower PS Z95 but I think it could balance out.


For more info about Firestorm cards click here




2 thoughts on “Flying Zuckuss in anger

  1. Love to hear a G1-A Tourney report! It’s possibly my favorite ship yet, and although I haven’t mastered flying it yet, I’ve had a fair bit of success 🙂

    My most successful build so far was Zuckuss/FCS/4-LOM crew with Mist Hunter Title, Inertial Dampeners and Outmaneuver. It was expensive to fly that way, but man could it bring the pain!
    I also really like it with the Electronic Baffle – pulling white K-turns or doing Red maneuvers to get out of tight spaces has helped a lot with getting those kill shots, but it is risky.

    In my local meta, I’m flying against bigger, tougher ships with less Evade, so I’ve traded 4-LOM for Dengar crew, and have been using Cloaking Device. The “free” movement of Cloak and fire deterrent has been handy, but Zuckuss shines in tight quarters, so I have really missed Inertial Dampeners in several dogfights.

    For wingmen, I’ve had a lot of success with K4 Manaroo and TLT Thug Bombers (no one expects that!)


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