Win all of WAVE 9 ! TOURNAMENT

Those cheeky chaps at ibuywargames have come up with the ultimate tournament lure, the chance to win all of Wave 9!

Details below or click here for the Facebook link

Star Wars: X-Wing – Win Wave IX Heat 1.

Announcing Heat 1 in the Win Wave 9 Star Wars: X-Wing Tourney at Ibuywargames.

There will be 2 Heats and then the Final top 16.

3 Dates to get into your Calandar:
Heat 1 May 29th
Heat 2 June 26th
Final 16 July 24th

You can only participate in 1 heat so decide which one you can make. 
The Top 8 of each heat go through to the final 16. Your Final 16 Event day is FREE!

Not only that, but we will also run these with the Spring 15 / Summer / Winter / Spring 16 kits that we have to hand.
And also: –
– 1st place gets £30 in store Credit.
– 2nd place gets £20 in Store Credit.
– 3rd places gets £10 in Store Credit.

Registration is 9:30am Sharp
with Round 1 Starting at 10am.

There will be 5 rounds no top cut.

Tickets will cost £17.50 and and you get 1 Free Drinks Token.

All normal Tourney Rules apply as usual.

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