Tournament Prep: I find your lack of faith disturbing.

lack of faith

It has been a while but I’m finally managing to get to a tournament at my local gaming club in Woking, My modest aim is to finish one place higher than my last event at Ibuy.

After missing out on the store championships there and anywhere else, I had the 20th March pencilled in as a gaming day as I was originally going to taking part in the ETC qualifier but had to with draw from the process. As we close in I am in two minds about what to field. The Inquisitor should be out and about a few days before although that means probably no practice time and picking it up in store on the day. The other option is to go back to the first list of the year and add a mild tweak.

Option Number One

Darth Vader: Veteran instincts, title, Advanced Targeting Computer, Engine Upgrade

Whisper: Veteran Instincts, Fire Control System, Agent Kallus, Advanced Cloaking Device

Zeta Leader: Wired, Comms Relay.

100 points

Having played around with Zeta Leader I’m edging back to Wired mainly for extra survivability and offensiveness. Keeping Zeta Leader at PS7 proved useful for blocking other aces at ‘What a Piece of Junk,’ and the Aldershot Winter Kit event so I’m leaving veteran instincts at home for this. I did try Weapons guidance and predator but it made him too squishy and the dice Gods provided me with all the bad combos in the two play test games. Contrary to popular opinion I do feel that if harnessed in the right combination, weapons guidance could be useful. Two Omega squadron pilots with crack shot and weapons guidance rocks in at 40 points. If you have the focus token to spend then averagely you will always get two hits. That was the same average assumptions on three dice with predator that produced an epic fail, but two dice works out better, in theory.

optimus not impressed

Anyhow my main issue with the list was initiative and what to do against other PS 9 or PS11 builds where having the choice would be beneficial. The only way to work into this is to drop something to below 99 points as a regular palp ace build is going to come in at 99 points. Engine upgrade is possible and I have thought about it but at the same time so useful if harnessed at the right moment. It also gives me something to get into the TLT bubble or Dash doughnut hole. This leaves looking at trimming Whisper which means either the Fire Control or Agent Kallus get the Moff Jerjerrod treatment.

On balance the Fire control system is too useful to bin and more effective generally than agent Kallus so he is going to have to go to clock in a 98 points. This probably guarantees not running in to any PS11 Han Solos or other PS clashes and then sitting there rueing dropping Agent Kallus.


Option Number Two

The Inquisitor: Veteran instincts, title, Auto thrusters

Whisper: Veteran Instincts, Fire Control System, Agent Kallus, Advanced Cloaking Device

Zeta Leader: Wired, Comms Relay, Stealth device.

97 points

I beef up Zeta Leader and bring in the cheaper Inquisitor to deal with TLT threat and other aces. Keeping at 97 points should ensure that I can move after Poe with VI but I fear he may not have the offensive clout to take out Soontir Fel or be action efficient enough in attacking other aces. I’m not a massive fan of his dial in terms of going Push the limit on him as all you get in bonus to the Tie Advanced greens are a green hard one. Everyone would like a green hard one, but I’m not entirely convinced how useful that may be.

megatron approves

Could the Inquisitor replace Vader or Fel as the title does give him some action efficiency or in this combination not cut enough mustard? I’m tempted to try as one has to have an eye on the Open Series event and mild adjustments. It will be interesting to see how many people bust out some wave eight stuff, especially from Scum with the Jumpmaster and even the rebel’s Ghost has potential. Missile and torpedo alpha striking could come into play and it will be a nice little dip into the wave 8 meta before the big one in June.

There are still tickets available through Ibuywargames website, and the facebook link is below


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