Midlands and East Anglia ETC Qualifier report (defeat edit)

Failing to plan is planning to fail.


Firstly an apology, this is even later then CaptainJacksButts report (read it here) due to the mitigating factor of work and therefore some of the details have faded from my over stressed mind banks.  But enough of that and on to the shenanigans:

CaptainJB picked me up early Saturday morning and whilst exchanging stories of sleep deprivation we headed the 70 miles North to the Midlands and East Anglia European Team Championship Qualifier.

I was running my first proper outing of the 2B A Poe list:

Poe Damaron, R5-P9, Vet instincts, Autothrusters

Dagger Squadron B wing 

Dagger Squadron B wing

Prototype A-Wing, Chardaan refit

100 pts

I’d only had one defeat in 9 test games and that had been against Imperial aces, I was therefore a little over confident.

Having arrived at Milton Keynes early and grabbed a cup of Costas finest caffeinated beverages we settled into Round 1.

Round 1 vs Lenny (Imperials)

Omnicron group pilot with Emperor Palpatine crew

Soontir Fel: Push the Limit, Tie Royal Guard Title, Auto thrusters, stealth device.

Darth Vader with TX1 Title, Advanced targeting computer, Predator and twin Ion engines

98 points

I got talking to Lemmy before the tournament started and discovered that he’s actually local to where I live- funny how things like this happen.

Lemmy placed his ships fairly centrally with Soontir on the left, Vader in the middle and the shuttle angled in the far right corner.  I set up my A wing on the far left and both my B’s in a pinwheel offset on the right with Poe facing towards to B’s so that he could tuck in behind them on the first turn.

Sadly Turn 1 is where I pretty much blew it as I made the odd decision to try and bate Soontir into chasing the A-Wing by powering down the board edge whilst I focused the rest of my ships on burning down Vader and planned to ignore the shuttle till the end game…. Now in my defence I’d played off against the palpmobile build and vader several times in play testing and kicked it’s butt but the builds didn’t contain Soontir.  In these games I’d burnt Vader early and then killed off the other Ace (varied between Colzet or Jax) and then safely tucked in behind the Space cow and killed it off at my leisure.  This was not to be one of those games, and as I cockily ran my B’s in front of Poe and straight down the throat of Vader I stupidly lost the A-Wing to Soontir and a B-Wing to some impressive firepower from Vader and a Palp re-roll Space Cow.  Vader then Pushed straight down the Middle with only one shield down and K turned and I got a PalpCow in the face which managed to soak up all my firepower and then limp of at speed whilst the aces returned and finished me off.

Result 0-100 loss.

Lemmy out flew me (whilst being a very nice guy about it), I made some dumb mistakes throughout the match, I also utterly failed to stick to any kind of game plan or target priority… must try harder.


Sir I think Poe was flying this….

Round 2 vs Paul (Imperials)

3 X Storm Squadron pilots (PS 4 ), with title, Accuracy corrector and twin ion Engines

Lt. Colzet with title, Accuracy corrector, proton Rockets and twin ion Engines

99 points

CaptainJacksButts opponent from round 1 and also a nice chap.

I stuck as many asteroids on his half of the board as possible to allow me to slow role towards him hoping to nuke a Storm pilot early and reduce the incoming damage.

Paul positioned his whole squadron to the far right directly opposite my A-Wing and I positioned the B’s centrally and Poe again positioned facing the B’s with a view to tucking in behind them.

Turn 1 and the A-Wing turned towards the centre of the table away from the certain death of all that Accuracy Corrector and the B’s and Poe aimed for the gap in the asteroids with a view to meeting the Tie’s head-on mid table.  And that is pretty much what happened, I managed to chip a Storm Squadron down before the K turning craziness began and then forced the pack to split.  Having chased down and Killed off Colzet at the cost of a B wings and the A-Wing the game went to time with the one remaining Storm Pilot on the other side of the board  flipping the bird to Poe and the remaining B wing.

Result 76-49 Win

Overall an improvement but I was grateful that he didn’t focus down on Poe when he had the chance.  Paul was also pretty unlucky with some of his dice results.



Round 3 vs David S (imperials)

David was flying another Aces list (memory has faded, so something similar to):

Vader, Tx1, Advanced Targeting computer, Predator (I think)

Soontir Fel, PTL, Stealth, Hull, Royal Guard

Omega Leader, Juke, Stealth, Comms relay.


I set up my A-wing on the far left and the B’s fairly centrally again with Poe set up to tuck in behind them turn one.  With the rocks in a diagonal set up mainly on his half of the table David set up left of centre with a straight line through the asteroids centre table to Joust the B’s.

Turn 1 began and I Slow rolled the B’s forwards and Poe Tucked in behind.  The A-Wing hit the burners and powered towards centre table with a view to being a nuisance after the initial clash.  As is my preference I picked on Vader as the weaker link and burned him down during the initial joust pretty quick, the B’s sucked up the damage and the A-wing got into the mix and added a few damage here and there focusing on Omega before finally getting everything into position to knock seven bells of hell out of Soontir.

Result 100-24 Win

I flew better but not great and the skewing of the dice in my favour helped enormously during this match and David was really unlucky with both Red and Green results.


Round 4 Karl (Imperials)

Karl was also flying aces and yet another Soontir to try and take down:

Omnicron group pilot with Emperor Palpatine crew

Sontir Fel: Push the Limit, Tie Royal Guard Title, Auto thrusters, Hull upgrade

Darth Vader with TX1 Title, Advanced targeting computer, Predator and twin Ion engines

98 points

I set my A- Wing up on the far left with the B’s on the right and Poe centre table facing towards the B’s. Karl set up in the Left Corner with everything bunched up facing off against the A-wing.

In What became a massive game of Poker face bluff and double bluff, Karl slow rolled forwards using his shuttle to block the moves of his aces and vice versa, holding in a huddle near the left hand corner, I Hard turned the A-Wing away from the opposition and powered towards my right.  The B’s slow rolled forwards looking to stall long enough to get the initial engagement in the middle of the board where I had room to manoeuvre.  This went on for several turns until Karl pushed the aces forwards past my line of attack as if he intended to hard turn into me the next turn, the shuttle was still held back….. In the words of Skywalker “I got a bad feeling about this”  Would he risk a head to head with the B’s and Poe? Unlikely and if I turned in to face them the space Cow would be riding rough shod all over me.


With this in mind I turned towards the cow with all 4 of my ships and crossed my fingers.  Happily this paid off as both the Aces flew forwards at speed towards my left corner and well out of harms way.  I then gunned the Cow, only to find that the B’d had loaded Nerf darts and the Cow shredded 3 shields off a B in return.   A couple of turns later, with the Aces now having turned hard to come in on my six I finally killed off the Cow and then lost a B wing whilst putting 3 damage onto Soontir.  I then had one of those game defining moments where  one hull Soontir was nose to nose with a B wing with 2 hull left, both at range one and in arc.  Soontir rolled a hit and a crit and I rolled an evade, as long as I didn’t get a direct hit Soontir was going to get creamed….. and then I turned the card over to reveal a direct hit and that was game almost there and then.  The rest of the round was played out dogfighting with neither player able to get a bead on either of the opposing 2 ships.

Result 32-48 Loss.

Mega frustrating but a brilliant game played against a top bloke.

With my brain Fried from keeping my A-Wing out of Soontirs filthy grip I staggered over to my final opponent.

Round 5 vs Matt (Imperials)


Rear Admiral Chiraneau: Predator, Emperor Palpatine, Ysanne Isard, engine upgrade.

Soontir Fel: Push the Limit, Tie Royal Guard Title, Auto thrusters, stealth device.

Although I really didn’t want to face another Soontir I felt confident I could burn down the Decimator as long as I could get a good attack run at it.  I placed my A-Wing on the far right and the B’s on the Left hoping That Matt would take the A-Wing bait early, Poe as always positioned horizontally to tuck in behind the B’s.  Matt set up both ships on the far right where a gap in the rocks gave him a straight run towards the A-Wing.

Matt rammed both the ships straight down the table towards the A-Wing which dived left with a view to K turning behind the B’s and adding to the firepower. I was too slow though and would have been better in K turning earlier and using the A-wing to block the decimator, I put myself in a position where I was suddenly totally reliant on my dice rolling hot with no fallback option if they my dice went a bit squiffy.  The result was I couldn’t kill the Admiral before he toasted Poe and then slowly burnt the rest of the squad to the ground.  Matt flew with a simple purpose to kill off Poe as quickly as possible and I sadly gave him the opportunity…. all too easy as Vader would say.

Result 0-100 Loss

I had a plan, but should have given my self longer to focus down the Decimator.  With 3 blocking ships and an ace I should have been more spread out to hold the decimator in range one and get Poe out of arc so autothrusters kicked in.


Must fly better…

So the end result was 2-3 and I kicked myself all the way home for some poor flying.  On the plus side I now know what Soontir does….

In conclusion

I liked flying the T70 but really limited my manoeuvres by keeping it in tight formation with the B wings for too long.  Having had my fill of Imperial aces I’ve already started to experiment with a Miranda and Han shoots first list.  It’s a knee jerk reaction and I will go back to the T70 again but at the moment I want to kill the red baron….. a lot.

My thanks to Mr Luke Townsend and the rest of the Cloud city radio crew for running the tournament, no easy task.   Although the 15 minute lunch break negated my planned caffeine and doughnut recharge.

I can’t however sign off without giving a nod to the running joke for the day: the “Shush ninja”.  I won’t go into details, but if you were there- you got shushed.



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