Preparing for ‘What a Piece of Junk’


With the next one just over a week away I’m toying with the list again.

Felling back in love with Soontir

Soontir Fel

Possibly a first outing for the red baron could be on the plate. I had an unexpected couple of games last night in exchange for hanging a blind plus coffee and chilli nuts. Against a Miranda and Han Solo list I won one and lost the other. The victory took 5 mins before resetting then the other game was close but ultimately no cigar, with Han left as King of the Hill of 5 hull.

First Order Carnage

Carnor JaxFO1

Carnor Jax: Veteran instincts, Royal Guard title, Hull Upgrade, Auto thrusters.

Whisper: Veteran Instincts, Fire Control System, Agent Kallus, Advanced Cloaking Device

Zeta Leader: Wired, Stealth Device, Comms Relay.

Whisper and Zeta Leader both worked well whilst I was left rueing the offensive capabilities of Carnor Jax or not being as aggressive as I would have liked. Im still undecided on Zeta Leader’s EPT choice as if he is going to shoot last then maybe crackshot or Juke could be an option. My whole reasoning for using VI on Zeta Leader was to cover the rise of Miranda and make movement more flexible as well as target choice and order of fire, which this game kind of brought that back home.

Carnor Jax’s abilitiy did not kick in in either game although that is no reason to scrub him for that. The Auto thrusters made a difference which got me thinking about switching him for Soontir.

First Order Fel


Get Outta Ma Interceptor

Soontir Fel: Push the Limits, Royal Guard title, targeting computer, Auto thrusters.

Whisper: Veteran Instincts, Fire Control System, Agent Kallus, Advanced Cloaking Device

Zeta Leader: Veteran Instincts, Comms Relay.

99 points

Everyone is PS 9 which makes picking targets and moving easier when it all gets close and personal. It also forces a difficult choice for an opposing Fel player or PS 9 pilot with regards to choosing the initiative. Either allow my Soontir to arc dodge or Whisper to shoot and re-cloak . I prefer the more guaranteed offensive capability via the targeting computer as it should suit my play style although I can guarantee at some point I will be ruing not having the four agility dice from stealth device on Fel.

Against a Palpatine list I am going to have to try and take out the emperor first if its in a Lambda and be flexible against a Decimator build regardless, as I found out ateh last event. Carnor Jax’s ability to neutralise the tokens although useful still does not prevent the Palpatine re roll. I also need to be able to take advantage of any blocks I get in which I did not do so well last time out.

One thought that came to mind was that if I were to go for a more aggressive build would bringing back Vader be an option? Rather than my preferred VI build would a more offensive option be more suited with Predator?

First Order Fluff Buster

Vader, Echo & Zeta2

“Did anyone actually check the DNA of the body they torched on Endor. I looked completely different as an old man from the person in the other films.”

Darth Vader: Predator, title, Advanced Targeting Computer, twin ion engines

Whisper: Veteran Instincts, Fire Control System, Agent Kallus, Advanced Cloaking Device

Zeta Leader: Veteran Instincts, Comms Relay.

99 points

This build allows Vader to shoot last although I have always liked engine upgrade on him, Comms Relay has been really useful on Zeta Leader. the twin Ion engines also make K turning less painful as Vader often has to re-set at some point.

Another possibility is incorporating Omega leader into the mix although with no more flying time before the event it starts to change the build enough to rule it out. The down side of Soontir Fel compared to Darth Vader is that Soontir is more Vulnerable to a bad roll and once he starts piling on the stress you are stuck in the speed 2 manoeuvres. It has been freeing with Jax with VI to be able to open up the Dial. In that regard I would have two ships trying to shed a stress token with speed two turns in order to utilise their abilities.

Onedoes not simply Blank

“One does not simply have an internet article without a Sean Bean Meme”

Barrel roll has slowly started to gather more love from me and although Soontir Fel has boost and barrel roll built in, would it matter too much to Vader not to have boost. After all although action efficient, it means being tokenless if Vader does boost and barrel roll which Fel at least will have a focus token. Fel also is less vulnerable to turrets due to his auto thrusters.

Fel or Vader, Fel or Vader, Jax, Fel or Vader…?

Thankfully I’ll have a week to think about it.

2 thoughts on “Preparing for ‘What a Piece of Junk’

    • I’ve decided to give the soontir Fel list a bash with a slight tweak to Zeta leader. I’m going to stick Juke on as an EPT with the comms relay. From experience he normally shoots last so hopefully will work well as a finisher.


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