First Order Fat Jax

Carnor JaxFO1

So there he is, sunning himself in retirement on some kind of Jakku or Tatooine, (although slightly miffed about his pension scheme from the Empire going up in smoke), and who should drop in but General Hux.

“Mr Jax, the First Order could do with some help with this Resistance scum. Do you still have your Interceptor lying around?” Hux noticed that Jax was now carrying a bit of extra weight.[1]

“What’s in it for me.” Jax enquired, sipping his strawberry daiquiri.

 “A new body and new troops to command.” Hux replied.

“You’re quoting from Transformers the movie.” Jax retorted.

“It was a long journey.” Hux rubbed his eyes, “ We will refit your ship and give it a new splash of paint and give you a new pension scheme.”

“I read that the First Order are in some financial difficulties and I quite like the colour red.” Carnor Jax pointed to his ill-fitting red speedos.

“That’s nonsense!” Hux Stated, “If you saw the documentary you would have seen the might of the First Order.”

“Hmmm. Still made the old mistake of building something that a few well-placed proton torpedoes could cause a chain reaction.” Jax was shaking his head. “Well, I need the cash but I want some red on the ship.”

“Excellent,” said Hux in a weasel[2] like tone, “You belong to me now.”

“Still quoting Transformers,” Jax sighed as he got to his feet, “at least it’s not the Michael Bay train wrecks.”[3]


I’ll join the First Order as long as I can have some splashes of red 

So with that bit of nonsense out of the way my plans for the upcoming Midlands and elsewhere European Team Championships, (ETC for short), X wing England team qualifier, have changed a little bit.

I’m sold on giving Zeta Leader Veteran instincts which helps with deciding which order to fire and move in conjunction with Whisper, especially when things get up close and personal. Wired was very useful in one game but I feel Veteran Instincts will be more beneficial over a number of matches, even if it is in little ways.

With Whisper, I like the way he is and feel that there is no meddling needed. I could go for gunner although it means dropping something here or there and I found Agent Kallus really useful. The white elephant in the room is the dark lord himself, Darth Vader. By my own admission I felt I played poorly with him in most part, especially considering that he had made up most of my squads since the Raider dropped.

With 35 points sloshing about if I drop Vader I could go for Soontir Fel with Push the Limit, auto thrusters and either targeting computer or stealth device. I could, but I always seem to fail miserably with Fel in general. One other option which appealed to me is Carnor Jax. I like his pilot ability and it could be very useful if deployed at the right moment. The ability to deny an opponent from using or performing focus and evade actions will up the damage from the other two ships. The only other issue is needing an Ace hunter.

Carnor Jax Card

Giving Carnor Jax Veteran Instincts boosts him to PS 10 which should allow me to hunt other PS 9s like Soontir Fel or possibly other PS10s if their list comes in at 100 points. Where I am being controversial and possibly taking a risk is on the modifications.

The List

First Order Fat Jax

Carnor Jax: Veteran instincts, Royal Guard title, Hull Upgrade, Shield Upgrade.

Whisper: Veteran Instincts, Fire Control System, Agent Kallus, Advanced Cloaking Device

Zeta Leader: Veteran Instincts, Comms Relay.

99 points

Sean Bean meme1

The Theory

Vader and Zeta flew as a pair and the interceptor dial would work better at doing this. Although Vader gets two actions, invariably initially the first is to target lock. Jax already gets three dice and although when rolling naked, (not through the forest  like Mellors and Lady Chatterley[4]), Vader is more effective, they have in this build at least, a very similar survivability.

Giving Jax PS10 means he is not going to be able to token up like PTL Jax and not maximise the effect of a stealth device. Jax’s ability works at range one, so providing I can get there Auto thrusters are not going to cut it at that range. PS 10 should allow me to hit the right spot for his pilot ability to kick off, even if it means sacrificing a bit of offensiveness from the ship by either barrel rolling of boosting.

What about Twin laser Turrets and other turreted nastiness? I didn’t encounter any of the TLTs at the Aldershot event and it will be interesting to see how it plays out when I inevitably come across some. Against TLTs Jax has the same survivability as Vader with the extra hull and shield. Admittedly you could focus and evade with Vader but then you are neutering your attack. In my one practice game the upgrades did pay off as at the end of it Jax was down to two hull and in the thick of it against Man Of Monkey’s Poe Finger[5]. His damage output wasn’t great but then the other two ships were more than making up for it.

Carnor JaxFO2

My line of thinking is that although I want to get into range one with Carnor Jax, I won’t be as gun-ho with him as I am with Vader. There are in theory clear guidelines about what action I should be taking. I’m either looking to arc dodge or nip into a range 1 sweet spot by boosting or barrel rolling or go defensive with an evade or offensive with focus.

From a fluff perspective it works better too. I’m no purist but I can imagine an old grizzled Carnor Jax and Whisper getting back into their ships with Carnor Jax having become more accurate but less evasive, carrying a bit of extra weight now, hence the hull and shield upgrade.

And Agent Kallus? Well he is just ancient.

Agent Kallus

[1] It’s worth pointing out that since Disney has ditched the expanded universe Carnor Jax could quite easily be alive and well.

[2] Managed to squeeze in weasel as in Weasely from Harry Potter Films. Shh-ting.

[3] I quite liked the first one but have so far refused to watch the fourth.

[4] I’m referencing the Sean Bean and Joely Richarson BBC version, not the more recent awful BBC remake.

[5] Man Of Monkey was not feeling particularly well and made the odd bad or mad decision, like his Proto type Pilot A Wing taking on Whisper by himself.

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