Poe Finger


A new year rolls in and for me it’s time to change up what I’ve been flying.  So back to the Rebels we go…

2015 was a bit of a turning point in my playing as I realised that I wanted to be more competitive and couldn’t just run Han Solo falcon and a couple of X-wings and relive the battle for Yavin 4 every game.

My workhorse for most of last year at a competitive level was a durable but no frills imperial list:

Krassis Trellix Firespray, HLC, recon spec

Howlrunner Tie Fighter

3x Academy Ties

It didn’t do badly at all considering the amount of errors I tended to make in most matches and I mostly managed to make the cut at the tournaments I went to.  Plus I liked the uniqueness of turning up with a card no one else was running… “Krassis?? What does he do…”


Still the coolest villains in the galaxy/ Sarlacc pitt (sorry Bobba)

I do like the bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe and for a while seriously considered switching factions.  I did have brief soirée with scum and villainy running a Bobba Autoblaster and IG88 HLC, this worked great, destroying imperials and rebels alike right up until I went to the ibuywargames scum only tournament and got pounded into the ground by people far sneakier and more devious than me.  So back to imperials I went.

So where to take it in 2016?

darth_vader-13398With the new film and matching box set I figured it was time to switch sides and go back to the goody two shoes Rebels.  I missed the nostalgia of running T65 X-wings and figured the T70 might be the way forwards.  Having upended my toy box I began by looking at ships I hadn’t run for a while and in some cases at all, the B wing looked a decent choice and I figured the never used before A-wing was only gathering dust.  So after a few days musing over what I had and how I wanted to fly it, I came up with the following:

Poe Finger

Poe Dameron T70, Autothrusters, VI, R5-P9

Dagger Squadron B-Wing

Dagger Squadron B-Wing

Prototype Pilot A-Wing, Chardan refit.

So far it seems to be pretty robust. I’ve yet to take it to a tournament as other commitments have so far precluded any series flying this year.  But I’ve enjoyed playing with it and it’s been good fun running ships that previously occupied the bottom of my wardrobe.  The A-Wing is ticking the super fast box that I enjoyed with the Tie fighters and the B-Wings are nice and tanky.   Their combined ability to gang up on big ships and dish out the damage has been a pleasant surprise and the A-Wing is surprisingly good at making the knockout punch.



I know that there’s a school of thought for Poe with R2D2 and it obviously did exceptionally well in Paul Heavers hands at worlds this year, but personally having run a Rookie T65 with R2D2 I found the lack of green on the dial a real pain the butt.  Often I’d find myself wanting to regain a shield and pull a white manoeuvre, leaving me with a lesser of two evils option.  The T70 dial isn’t that different plus with Poe’s pilot ability actively encouraging you to not spend the focus token I think it’s a no brainer.  At some point I’ll add the integrated Astromech ejection button just to keep R5-P9 on his toes, although I don’t want to loose the synergy that he offers it’s an extra hit point for free when needed the most.

I could run R2D2 with integrated astromech but I’ve always suspected R2 to be a bit of a back seat driver and the temptation to fire him out the sunroof may get too much to resist.

Well that’s it for now.  My first tournament of the season and the first serious run out of the list  looks to be the ETC qualifier at Milton Keynes, I’ll take some notes and report back.


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