“No, I am your Father Christmas.”


On Saturday 12th December we had 30 X Wing players descend on the Maybury Centre for 5 rounds of X Wing.

Despite being in a smaller hall than usual we still had reasonable space to swing a cat or two and roll some eight sided dice. For some this was their first event, others just another notch on the range ruler. This was only our second X wing tournament after Woking War this summer and increased in size from 26 players to 30, (we had two players fail to make it on the day from the original 32). Having run Warhammer 40K events for some years X Wing is not only easier in a tournament setting to run and referee but the players are far and away a different and better breed.


Round 1 under way

It does certainly help that the rules are tightly written, play tested and FAQed regularly.  Combine that we having some great tournament software like Cryodex or if you are a lucky enough Tomb, then it almost takes care of itself. It does require some effort though to get it off the ground and acquire the prizes, advertise the event, get bums on seats and chase up payments for tickets. We were lucky enough that our local gaming store ibuywargames.co.uk kindly donated two summer kits for the event as prize support in addition to other bits and pieces we bought from Cog O Two or elsewhere.


4 Thugs try to chase some Imperial Aces

The Meta

So what did we see at the event. There was at least one of every ship type, with the following exceptions:

T165 X Wing


YV 666



Tie Bomber

Tie Defender, (not for much longer mind with the new titles incoming)

What was Popular:

Miranda Doni

Poe Dameron

Three ship Imperial ace builds with Sontir and Vader being prevalent.

There were Y wings but not as many as you would expect although some placed highly. Even the palp mobile was only showing in two lists. Most other Imperial ace builds consisted of Vader, Fel and a plus one. There was one Double IG list which made up all two of the Igs at the event. Only one list of four Y wings with TLT, which were scum with the astro mech, two with the BTL A4 title.  Scum were the smallest of the factions present with eight scum lists from the thirty players with the rest being an even split.

The top ten had 4 Scum lists, 3 rebel and 3 Imperial.

Faction Break down of Top Ten and win ratios

1 Rebel with Miranda Doni 5-0

2 Imperial Palpmobile 4-1

3 Rebel with Miranda 4-1

4 Scum With TLT Ywings 4-1

5 Imperial Aces 4-1

6 Imperial with Palpmobile 3-2

7 Scum 4 Y wing TLT 3-2

8 Scum with a Hawk 3-2

9 Scum TLT Y wings 3-2

10 Rebels with Poe Dameron 3-2

Overall there was a rich variety of lists with only two lists being the same which was the 2nd place worlds list of Poe, Coran and a prototype A.



Death of the Two Ship Meta?

With the move to half points for large ships, TLTs and other new builds the Death of the two ship Meta has been widely broadcast by lots of podcasts. Indeed most of the lists at the event where at least three ships but Alex Birt won the event with the only 5-0 record with a two ship build of Miranda Doni and Dash Rendar.

In doing so he faced three imperial ace lists which on paper with pilot skill advantage you would think it is a shoe in for the imperials. Clever Bomb placement, obstacle deployment and good flying saw him though with the highest MOV to boot.


Watching the event in general has possibly put the kybosh on me resurrecting Echo for the time being with the amount of Miranda Donni about with various partnerships. Echo with TLTs about, with the right build, is in my opinion great and very powerful at mopping up swarms. I just don’t rate Echo with VI and will fall down against a high pilot skill list.

Best Painted

We had three very well painted squads present form Ollie Wright, Micheal Lenzen and Steve Fase. Jon Corps Y wings were also magnificent, but Ollie Wright had painted them too, so he could not be entered. As it was Ollie Wright picked up the best painted award for his Scum fleet.


Ollie Wright’s Best painted Scum in action

Best Sports

At the end of round five each player got to nominate a best sport from the five people they p[alyed. We had a three way tie on votes for Norwegian National Champion Olliver Pocknell, Joe Whiddett and Richard Cater with three votes each. Our Tie breaker was to award it to the player lowest in the event, as its always hard to smile when you keep getting your ships routinely blown up.

And with saying that we had a wooden spoon prize for Adam Collier who finished last but never stopped smiling. I don’t know if it were prophetic when he started round one on the last table but at least he didn’t have the hassle of moving during the day and got a mug for it.

Frank Spencer

Mesa Sorry

JAR JAR award

Jon Corps had this sealed in place for a humorous bit of potential table flipping in round 1. He almost lost the award at the award ceremony when his Dad Peter made a late play for it whilst tidying up and doing his utmost to destroy the Hall door Frank Spencer Style. We have to thank Michael Manners for intervening and saving the door handle.

Refs Game

We had a spare table, it was Christmas and round three was safely underway so why not. Simon and I settled down to a game spread over rounds 3 and 4 with him running his Poe Finger list against my experimental Miranda and Lando build. This was my fourth or fifth defeat against this on the bounce after mullering it first time up with Vader, Colzet and Echo. It all hinged on two ropey decisions on my part when I could have shot range 1 on a B Wing with Lando but opted for a range two shot, out of arc on Poe followed by taking too long with Lando to re circle and re-join the fight again. Looks like I’ll be sticking with the Imperials for the coming season.


Palp Vs Poe in round 3

The Next One?

We will probably be looking at Woking War 2016 to run the’ Don’t Get Cocky’ event again what with the Store Championships, ETC qualifying, Regionals and Nationals all going on during the first half of the year, coupled with hall availability. That being said, the club is open every Monday at the Maybury Centre, (except bank Holidays), and we will be looking at running some mini events and possibly a simple league system.

We have a Hunger games event plus normal gaming for our opening night event on Jan 11th, although we are open on Jan  4th as well.

So, till the nest one, ‘Don’t get Cocky,’ fly casual.


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