IbuyWargames X wing Winter Tourney 1

Ibuywargames are hosting another X wing tournament, be sure to book early to avoid disappointment as these tickets go fast!

12227742_631916090282035_3195450815509187029_nThey will have 3 OP kits mixed from 2 summer and 1 Winter. So massive prize support.
£15.00 ticket. Include 1 free drink and 3 Slices Of Pizza.

Awesome top 3 Prizes!

20% Off all X-Win
g Ships.15% Off Cog O Two Templates.
15% Off Feldherr bags.
10% Off The New Battlefoam UK Bags!

Tickets are available at: http://ibuywargames.co.uk/Star-Wars-X-Wing-Winter-Tourney-1

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